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It recently occurred to me that, whilst it may appear that I’ve spent the last 40-odd years decorating houses, what I have actually been doing is solving problems and translating concepts and dreams into reality. No two houses, projects or sets of curtains are the same and so over the years I have researched and experimented exhaustively to achieve the desired effects. The result is a broad ranging and encyclopaedic knowledge!
I hope that you find this series of short articles, drawn from just some of my experience, both helpful and inspiring.


Make the floor the feature

A cleverly chosen feature rug can unify all the elements of a room bringing colour and design but also delineating space.

Attic bedrooms and loft conversions

Small bedrooms under the eaves need careful planning but it is possible to create a charming twin room by mirroring the shape of the eaves.


Advice for decorating small bathrooms

Stick to simple colour schemes.

If you are using tiles, take them right up to the ceiling so as not to break the vertical lines of the space.

Use mirrors strategically to illuminate and give the illusion of greater space.

How to hang your art to best effect

Mix types of art – don’t hang them all to match but hang them so that they relate somehow - for example by colour or subject matter. This will look more confident and create an interesting scheme.

Make sure that you have some big pictures – even if the actual artwork is small, frame it with a large mount around it to increase the overall size. There is nothing worse than an empty wall with two tiny pictures!

Make sure that your pictures work geometrically and spatially as well as aesthetically - understand how they fill the wall space and plan positioning before hanging.



A quick guide to choosing lampshades

 Some quick tips:

  • If you have a complicated lamp base, then choose a simple shade
  • The bottom edge of the lampshade who sit mid-way on the neck of the lamp
  • The diameter of the lampshade should not exceed the height of the base


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