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It recently occurred to me that, whilst it may appear that I’ve spent the last 40-odd years decorating houses, what I have actually been doing is solving problems and translating concepts and dreams into reality. No two houses, projects or sets of curtains are the same and so over the years I have researched and experimented exhaustively to achieve the desired effects. The result is a broad ranging and encyclopaedic knowledge!
I hope that you find this series of short articles, drawn from just some of my experience, both helpful and inspiring.


Kitchens: Using Your Cooker as a Key Part of your Colour Scheme

Range cookers, Aga, etc., are now available in a huge selection of colours and so have become a key part of the kitchen colour palette.

Choose a white Aga to anchor a neutral room and add accent colours. Or alternately, choose a dominant colour for your Aga to inject some drama into a pastel paint scheme as we did with the green kitchen shown here.



Kitchen Window Treatments - Roman Blinds

Window treatments in a kitchen "finish" the room and give one the opportunity to add the softness of fabric into a functional environment. At Bruisyard Hall the roman blind in the kitchen window pulls together the blues and neutrals of the kitchen cabinets and dining table.




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