Types of Business Website Design

09 September 2021
Oreoluwa Lawal

If you are looking to create a business website, you should familiarize yourself with the different website designs. Remember that the first impression matters most, and your website design is the first thing your visitor would notice when visiting your website. Without further ado, here are the most popularly used website designs.

The static page design

One of the most basic website designs is the static page design with a permanent dimension that does not depend on the device or browser used by the visitors. The design is no longer in vogue, thanks to rapid technological advancement. But the silver lining is that the static page design is easy to set up.

The single-page design

Next on webhotel website design list is the single page layout mainly used for websites that do not need much information. The design is relatively easy to set up and gives visitors a good user experience. The simple page design is not recommended for businesses that sell products online or companies that need many pages on the internet.

The responsive page design

The responsive page design is the most commonly used website layout by business owners. The layout adapts itself to fit all devices and browsers. Although it takes more time to build and develop, it gives visitors a seamless user experience.

The dynamic page design

For people who don’t have hands-on experience with HTML, a dynamic layout is a good option. The layout pulls information from your database to form your web page for visitors. In other words, the dynamic layout operates with automatic coding. It loads slower but still gives increased functionality for visitors.

Your website design should complement what you do and your needs. Don’t forget that every business has its needs; make sure to identify yours before choosing a website layout.

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